Introduction to American Deep Blue Fund

Establishment of Deep blue fund (US Deep Blue Fund)

Deep blue fund (DBF) is an innovative company focusing on blockchain technology research and development and related project operations. Headquartered in the United States, there are 14 research institutes around the world, distributed in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Russia and other countries. The Blockchain Research Institute under DBF is committed to building the third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, using artificial intelligence as the entry point, and providing enterprise-level blocks through the advantages of blockchain technology decentralization, non-tampering, and fairness. Chain infrastructure and industry solutions.

The DBFS Blockchain Research Institute under DBF ensures the sustainability of open source community projects, the effectiveness of refined governance, and the safety of raised funds


Construct a brand new blockchain ecosystem as an optional Internet value transfer protocol in the future world, and push the ease of use and practicality of the entire blockchain industry one step further.

It is really combining blockchain with traditional industry applications and bringing this technology to people's daily lives.

With industry-leading blockchain technology support, supplemented by a clear business positioning and strategic plan, IAI Token will first gain market access through the penetration of target industries (artificial intelligence, asset trading and foreign exchange trading, stock trading, anonymous social payment) Share and accumulate solid user support.


Technical solutions

The application of artificial intelligence blockchain is divided into three layers in architecture: basic network, platform layer and application layer. The three levels influence each other, and the security issues that arise in each link will bring more security issues to the next link.

Basic cybersecurity risks险

Accept professional code audits and understand relevant security coding standards.

Platform-level security risks

Regularly conduct code audits, including but not limited to: transaction security review, access control review, etc.

Application layer security risks

Abnormal operation monitoring, monitor the abnormal behavior of deployed contracts and reduce losses.


IAI Token usage and management

IAI tokens are tokens consumed by the operation of IAI Token. Users of IAI Token consume IAI tokens to use
the applications and functions of IAI Token. The IAI Token can be visually imagined as a kind of fuel.

Maximum supply

90 million

Public circulation


development team


Community strategic deployment





2021-2022 Development Plan


Looking to the future

  • In the future, IAIToken will build a brand-new blockchain ecosystem to realize rich application scenarios such as artificial intelligence, anonymous social payment, asset issuance, artificial intelligence applications, copyright traceability, mutual insurance, and cross-border settlement. The combination of chain and traditional industry applications has gradually developed into a block ecological platform that truly integrates with real-world commercial applications.
  • IAI's global ecology is under construction, and your participation is welcome.